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De Waal has been going strong in repairs since 1938.
Whether you need work done on your propeller shaft,
steering system or something else, we will carry out the repairs to your specifications!
Just call us, and in the meantime I’ll hoist this propeller on board.

De Waal logistics services

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Rudder construction

Every ship’s rudder leaving our factory has to be perfect.
My coworkers and I make sure of that.
These days we even build fuel-saving rudders!

De Waal rudder design

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We are hydraulics experts.
Steering systems are our core business.
But you can count on us for
other hydraulics applications as well.

De Waal hydraulics engineer

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We use state-of-the-art CNC equipment,
and we can machine any small or large product.
I’m very proud of this lathe that can handle
propeller shafts up to 12 metres long!

De Waal propeller shaft programmer

Your ship under control

De Waal is far ahead in propulsion and manoeuvring technology. We make technology work for you with innovative and sustainable solutions. Our company combines many years of experience and professional know-how with long-term investments and continuous research for improvement.

>Our wide range and high level of services give you the assurance of the best possible results. Our highly trained professionals ensure that your vessel receives the right materials and the right kind of maintenance. We have a full complement of metalworking machinery, well-equipped workshops, three mooring berths and two ship lifts to help us.  So you can rest assured that we will take care of everything on your behalf.

Our mission is to continue to excel in the engineering, production and maintenance of high-quality manoeuvring equipment, ship’s rudders and propeller shaft systems. As we have been doing since 1938.

Why should you choose De Waal?

  • We are the leading specialists in ship manoeuvring systems
  • We are experts in propeller shafts & seals
  • Call us for worldwide maintenance and service
  • Follow our constantly improving innovations